The Situation of millions of Employees Worldwide

Cafeteria Workers Serve Breakfast to Students

I believe Albert Einstein when he said, and I quote: ‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’’

For the past 100 years, millions of employees have held marches, protests or rallies to demand higher wages and better working conditions. Facts show the condition of millions of employees has not changed at all. Many are still protesting to demand pay raise today.

  • As of 2010 only 268,000 people in the USA make at least
    $1,000,000 a year… that’s less than 1% of the population.
  • More than 46 million Americans live in Poverty
  • According to CNN Money. 76% of working Americans are living Paycheck to Paycheck
  • According to FORBES…75% of People near Retirement Age have LESS THAN $30,000 in Savings!


It’s time to stop the insanity. It’s time to start doing things differently to expect different results.

Entrepreneurship is the solution. We have a Team with a goal of helping each member reaching $100K+… in two years or less.

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How to get 3 or 5 Leads a Day?

There are literally millions of online business opportunities out there. We have reached the state of information overload. People don’t know what to do anymore. And the worst part is that every entrepreneur strongly believe their business opportunity is better than the rest. They really do.

Here are three lessons that will set you apart from your competition:

1) People don’t care about your business

2) People are sick and tired about all business opportunities online

3) People don’t believe they can make money online.


How can you overcome these walls?

The answer to that question is not new. Many successful businesses are using it now. It’s called ‘’Target Marketing’’.You design your ad campaign to reach a specific market.

Who is your target market?

Next, use article contents to connect with your target market. Check this out:

1)’’ How can you turn $18.00 into $500,000. Revolutionizing the Way People make Money Online.Clcik here for details’’

2) Article (this is one of the many articles I’ve recently used)

Do You Hate Monday Morning?

’Many people do. Getting up on Monday morning has always been a challenge for many employees. Someone came up with the ‘’Monday Syndrome’’ that affect millions of people all over the world.Yeah, getting up after a nice week-end is a nightmare….

Which ones will get more clicks?

data shows that the post ‘’Do You Hate Monday Morning? Received more clicks that the first ads. This post is written to reach employees. If you are serious about online business, you must sign up in several social networking sites like LinkedIn,Google+ and Facebook. Generate Friends and connections, up to 4000.They are the ones who will see your posts. Out of them will come three or more clicking your link every day. Total of 21/week  ,84/month.

In conclusion, you will need a capture Page. This is the page that collects visitors’ emails before they can view the information they are looking for. Why is this so important? People don’t buy or join any business on the first look. They need to see it over and over before they act .

A capture page and email marketing system will do just that. It will follow-up with details info about your business.

Any question, please send me an email.

Success to You!!!!!

Dickinson Eddy

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A different type of Education


Education is about teaching and learning skills and knowledge. Education also means helping people to learn how to do things and encouraging them to think about what they learn. It is also important for educators to teach ways to find and use information.

Through education, the knowledge of society, country, and of the world is passed on from generation to generation.

Formal education is usually in school, where a person may learn basic, academic, or trade skills. Do you have a High School Diploma, an Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree or a PhD?

That’s great.

Facts show that people with higher education are experiencing financial problems today. Millions of decent families are struggling to make ends meet. They are lacking a different type of education.

The Financial Education

Since you are reading this post, you have the unique opportunity to learn basic financial concepts. You will understand the difference between Asset and liability, cash flow and expenses, salaries and recurring income, inflation and recession…

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Which Business Are You Running?

You’ve made the decision. You want to start your own business.But, which business are you going to run? Before you answer this question, here are three features for a successful business in the 21st century:

  1. Products or Service should be in High Demand.
  2. Ability to market Products or Service Worldwide
  3. Ability to generate Residual Incomes


Let’s break it down.

  • Products or service should be in high demand. This will generate huge profit for entrepreneurs. If you don’t have a high demand, you don’t have a business. Before you waste your hard-earned money in a business venture, you should first investigate the demand.
  • Ability to market Products or service Worldwide: Global Business is the key for success in the 21st century. Words cannot describe the feeling when you are able to sell to customers from various parts of the world. Your market is unlimited. Big market means Big Profit.
  • Ability to generate Residual Incomes: Payment received for work, once completed on a recurring basis. This type of income stream allows for an entrepreneur to continue receiving payments for the same sale on a constant basis. Residual income is the KEY to financial success in the 21st Century.

You can still get a paycheck when you are on vacation or while you are attending your child school’s activities. Does your business meet these three requirements?

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Do You Hate Selling?

Imagine you join a business where your only task is to promote Service or Products to FOUR persons ONLY. This dream is now a reality. Quit all marketing systems where you must market to thousands of people before making serious income.

Many online entrepreneurs are lacking fundamental sales’ techniques. They don’t know how to close the sale and profit from their marketing effort. For this, they jump from business to business. Some will quit before 6 months of starting.


Our unique approach to Marketing and Promotion is created with YOU in mind. From empowering you with the right knowledge and mindset, bringing you powerful tools to help you reaching your marketing goal. Everything is geared to equipping YOU to reaching one goal:

Market Products or Service to FOUR persons Only.

  • We will show you WHERE you can find thousands of people who are seeking for what you are promoting.
  • We’ll show you HOW to INTRODUCE your offer to 10 to 15 Prospects a day using the Internet

Our vision is to help network marketers, affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs have massive financial breakthroughs and create a permanent change in their quality of life and financial situation.

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Knowledge is Power

Though its meaning varies from author to author, the phrase often implies that with knowledge or education, one’s potential or abilities in life will certainly increase. Having and sharing knowledge is widely recognized as the basis for improving one’s reputation and influence, thus power.

This phrase may also be used as a justification for a reluctance to share information when a person believes that withholding knowledge can deliver to that person some form of advantage. Another interpretation is that the only true power is knowledge, as everything (including any achievement) is derived from it.

Million of hard-working people are struggling to make ends meet. They have done everything they supposed to. They have acquired education, job training, professional training and a good paying JOB…

Yet, many are still struggling to pay their bills. How in the world this is happening?

Lack of Financial Education

Without that knowledge, you don’t have any power. You don’t understand the difference between Salary and residual income, Assets versus liabilities, inflation and recession.

Yes, Knowledge is Power.

You don’t have to be a’’ rocket science’’ student or a college graduate to understand financial education. Simply put, it’s not how much money you make, rather how much money you keep. Get a piece of paper and write down on the Left side all your expenses (Liabilities).Add them together. Then write on the RIGHT side all your incomes (assets).Add them together.

Are the expenses higher than the incomes?

If you answer by the affirmative, you will need to take action to correct the matters. Two options come to mind:

1) Reduce or eliminates some expenses.

2) Increase incomes.

Four Corners Alliance Group is dedicated to provide  financial education to serious and decent people all over the world. We will teach you how to increase, manage and keep incomes for a better and fulfilling life.

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Online Business Ideas: Investing in Your Business

I’ve received an email where a man told me: ‘I don’t want to spend money to advertise my business’’. I’m really shocked to meet entrepreneurs like this man.

Why in the world you don’t want to spend money to promote your business? Business is just a GAME OF NUMBERS. You must understand how to play the game.
If you invest $100 in advertisement and make $1000, then you have made a good investment. You have $900 in pure PROFIT.ALL successful online entrepreneurs invest money in their business.

They are not afraid to take calculated risks.

If you are so afraid of losing money than making money, then the path of entrepreneurship is not for you. You should keep your job. All successful entrepreneurs are risk takers. They study the business plan. They see the potential and give it a try.

The best advice I’ve received from a successful business owner is this: ‘’Never invest money you are not comfortable losing’’. Never invest money that will put your family well-being in jeopardy’’

The 4 corners Alliance Group was born to solve that dilemma. A business model where entrepreneurs can invest $18_One Time_ with a potential of making big.
Are you comfortable investing $18 One Time? If you answer No, then you are not the business partner we are searching.
Thank you for reading the post and Have a Good Day!
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