Chapter 1: Believing in Yourself, the First key to Success

Dickinson Eddy

In his book entitled ‘’Before You Quit Your Job’’, best-selling author and business owner, Robert Kiyosaki lays out the difference between an entrepreneur and an employee.

• Employees seek for ‘’Job Security’’.
• Entrepreneurs seek for Opportunity.
• Employees enjoy the ‘’safety net’’ of a weekly paycheck.

• They carry out their work and earned their salary.
• Employees don’t have to worry about commissions, advertising, sales, marketing and so on…

Working at a Job didn’t help employees build real financial assets…

• Using the World Bank definition of $1.25/day, as of September 2013, roughly 1.2 billion people stay in extreme poverty.
• For the last 100 years, employees have protested, held rallies, went on strikes to demand higher wages and better working conditions…

Facts show that the situations of millions of employees have not changed at all.

Many employees are still demanding higher wages to their employers today.

Successful entrepreneurs do not rely on their governments, elected officials…

They know they have what it takes to be successful.

Entrepreneurship will allow you to use your knowledge, talent and imagination to succeed in life.

The first key to success: BELIEVING IN YOU.

To become a successful entrepreneur, employees must first get rid of employee’s mindset.

Your mindset will define your success or failure.

‘’I wasn’t born a natural entrepreneur. I had to be trained’’

Robert Kiyosaki

‘’Millions of Americans and people around the world, especially young people who face intense financial challenges today, haven’t been taught how to take control of their financial future’’
Robert Kiyosaki

’’Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me’’
Carol Burnett
‘’In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can’’
Nikos Kazantzak

All you need is a Mentor, a successful entrepreneur who will guide you to success.

But, it all starts with YOU.

  • It’s important to review the lifestyle of employees comparing to entrepreneurs.
  • To help you make an informed decision.

Please Click this link to read Chapter 2


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