Chapter 6: Decision Time


According to the dictionary, the verb ‘’to decide’’ means:

‘’To Make a choice from a number of alternatives’’

After consideration of all the facts about the life of entrepreneurs comparing to employees…


What are you going to do?

• For the last 100 years, serious data shows the condition of employees.
• Millions of employees are struggling to make ends meet,
• Millions of employees did not reach their financial goals,
• Millions of employees retire with no savings at all…


 It’s time to get out of the system of employment.
 This is your moment to claim your freedom.
 It’s the time to change your life.
 Global entrepreneurs Group will teach you how to promote Products or service for massive success,
 We will show you how to build residual income.
4 Corners Alliance Group is your vehicle to financial success.

This is not a pyramid scheme or a Get Rich-scheme.

 These companies are well-known with operation in several countries around the world.

How do you know if this will work for you if you don’t try?

Here is the second question.

Where Can You find Money to Start your Business?

The answer to that question is personal. A business venture is always defined by a vision. Here is a basic definition of a vision:

‘’Have a vision. It is the ability to see the invisible. If you can see the invisible, you can achieve the impossible’’
Shiv Khera

• Can you see the ‘’invisible’’?
• Can you picture yourself Financial Free?

Financial freedom is the condition of a person armed with financial education and enough financial assets…

• Every business owners have invested fund in their business before making serious income.
• You will not find a serious business venture that is Free.
• Remember the three keys we discussed earlier?
• These keys will help you succeed in business than never before
• We have a program that helps entrepreneurs make money by selling financial literacy eBooks. Amazon is the world giant eBooks re-sellers.
• Global entrepreneurs Group has teamed up with 4 Corners Alliances Group to help members generate money for their business.

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The last chapter will address many Objections about home based business.

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